Lulu was bred from Jo's old competition mare "Katbalou".

She was sired by the Event Stallion "Just Zulu" who was successfully competed by Andrew Nicholson.

There is a rather sad tale to poor old Lulu as she was born with a limb deformity which was operated on when she was 4 weeks old. The operation involved putting pins in the joint and, sorry to say, the area got infected so the pins had to be removed two weeks early. This meant that the operation had not been as successful as had been hoped and that Lulu was probably never really going to be strong enough to be ridden.

As if that wasn't bad enough, when Lulu was weaned from her mother, Katbalou became extremely distressed over night and got herself tangled up in some fencing. When she was discovered in the morning the incident had caused such damage to her tendons that she had to be put to sleep.

Happily in 2008 things started to look up for Lulu when she gave birth to a lovely foal "Willow Drove Minestral" ("Minnie" as she is known to us) who was by stallion "Centyfield Nico" currently standing at End House Stud.

In May, 2009, Lulu gave birth to a second foal: a filly which will be known as Willow Drove Starry Night (Star); sired by "Vincent", who stands at Millfield Stud, in Yorkshire. And, in May 2010, gave birth to Leo, who will be known as Willow Drove Make A Wish: a foal sired by "Wish Upon A Star", an event horse that is currently competing with Lucy Wiegersma.

Pleased to report that she foaled again in May, 2011: producing lovely little "Bella"; sired by the Hannovarian "Wolkenderry".

September 2016 and Lulu is in foal again to the gorgeous pony Stallion SOS Kantje's Unicolor.